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We are building a distributed healthcare ecosystem designed to expand access, improve equity and provide high value while delivering person-centered care.

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About Bluevine Healthcare

At Bluevine Healthcare, helping our patients and supporting their families drives our daily work. Our mission is to extend love and peace of mind to the individuals and communities we serve by providing innovative continuum of care options. By utilizing technology to power care delivery throughout our organization, we relentlessly leverage live data feeds and evidence-based procedures to improve care coordination and enable prompt transitions, whether in a hospital or the patient's preferred environment. We have partnered with Independent living, Assisted living, Skilled nursing, and Memory care homes to extend our care continuum offerings.

We are working to address the short falls in care continuum that is prevalent in home healthcare. Increased medical errors, suboptimal patient outcomes, increased healthcare costs, and challenges in managing chronic conditions effectively are issues that can be reduced if we focus on the continuum of care. That is exartly what we have set out to do at Bluevine Healthcare. Our ultimate goal is to provide patients with a single point of access to services that address their changing needs.

Offering Customized  Continuum of Care Services

Click on the Learn More button to go to either our "Yes To Home Care" website or our "Bluevine Hospice" website for detailed informtion on the selected service offering. Thank you.







Our core values of Compassion, Reliability, Partnership and Education are our anchors. Like true North-Stars, they glow brightly throughout Bluevine to guide us as we work daily to extend love and peace of mind to everyone we serve.

Why Choose Bluevine Healthcare?


Benefits to Patients

By focusing on the continuum of care Bluevine Healthcare works to ensure that patients experience the following:


Greater convenience

Our continuum of care option offers various services through a single, easy-to-access network.


Seamless transitions

Our care offerings adapt to address a patient’s many needs makes it easier to navigate the changes that come with life’s transitions.


Informed decision-making

We share information in a HIPPA compliant manner to coordinate care which helps providers educate patients about their conditions and the many types of treatment they’re receiving.


Less expense

Keeping abreast of the treatments a patient has received leads to fewer duplications and unnecessary procedures, reducing patient expenses.


Personalized care

Understanding a patient’s history helps us tailor care to that patient’s individual needs and concerns.


Enhanced safety

- Having an awareness of a patient’s medical background helps providers avoid prescribing medications and treatments that could be dangerous based on preexisting conditions.

To Inquire About Our Services

Call (833) 300-BVHC (2842)

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